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[:en]Jasmine K[:fr]Jasmine K[:ar]ياسمين[:]

[:en]Jasmine K is Make Up Artist at Naya Agency specialized in the Parisian makeup. Rich of more than 10 years experience in the biggest luxury houses such as Chanel House, Estee Lauder, Burbury and many others. She multiplies the collaborations near the fashion shows as well as the TV trays. She will highlight the beauty of each face while respecting the personality of each. You...

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[:en]A specialist in style for 17 years, Naya is above all a perfectionist who uses all her passion and her keen eye to define the perfect look that matches the physical and personality of her clients. Having worked directly with the Queen of Jordan , Naya is primarily an expert in the Middle East. She worked with many very famous oriental...

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[:en]Private stylist, fashion icon who collaborated with the greatest, from Thierry Mugler to Yves Saint Laurent via Hermes and Karl Lagerfeld, personality with intense creativity, always on the lookout. With her, become a moment, an hour, a day, a Parisian in her kingdom. Shop in high-end shops, find the unique and transcendent outfit: The fairy dress, the princess shoes, the Queen...

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