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Image Consulting

what's this ?

Image Consulting or Image Coaching is about coaching a person individually to help them achieve an important and specific goal. Indeed, by teaching him many key tips to implement, the image coach teaches him to make the best of his personal or professional image! And this means applying truly effective and sustainable techniques, such as:

The colorimetric test

Colorimetry is the study of colors that highlight us, those that sublimate us and make us shine! They illuminate our face, we rejuvenate ...Naya Agency uses the technique of draping, which involves passing a multitude of colored scarves under the client's chin, to observe the different effects caused on the face by each color!

The morphology of the face study

The study of facial morphology consists in determining the shape of your face, by measuring the distances between certain features of the face.Today, there are eight different forms of face in women: Oval, Oval, Long, Round, Square, Rectangular, Triangular Tip Down, Triangular Tip Up, Hexagonal.

Silhouette Morphology Study

The study of the morphology of the silhouette is the analysis of the forms of the proportions of an individual. We define the type of silhouette thanks to the ratio between the width of the shoulders, the waist, and the hips or the thighs. There are today six kinds of morphologies different silhouettes: The eight, the hourglass, the rectangle, the triangle (softened pear), The inverted pyramid, The oval (the round)

Dress Style Study

The style test allows us to define our dress style while taking into account the morphology of our silhouette. It is a fun test, simple and fun to perform, because it is made of different questions and photos to choose spontaneously. The result will determine your style: the dominant style as well as your secondary style.


We prepare you to strengthen your self-confidence by being comfortable speaking through your posture, your speeches and your gestures. And you will be more seasoned at communication techniques to seduce and convince.

Hair Styling & Makeup

Our expertise will allow us to bring you the best hairstyles and make-up tips for a stunning makeover and makeup make-up result, based on the following points: Colorimetry, Style, Nature of the hair, Face morphology

We help you choose your home, the colors and the decoration and furniture of your home that goes with your personality.

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